Anti-corruption campaigning, a simple truth?

This week’s Parliament Magazine (page 55-57) includes an illustration commissioned by Tearfund highlighting the steps needed to unearth the truth on corruption.

Unearth the truth illustration

Secrecy and corruption cost Africa a staggering £3,000 a second. Find out how we can turn this around…

Targeted at MEPs, the illustration is a simplified summary of our theory of change and shows why we believe implementing effective transparency laws will turn oil, gas and mineral wealth from a curse to a blessing.

But surely it’s more complex?

In many ways of course it is. Life is always more complex than theory and we know that the factors which contribute to poverty and corruption are multi-faceted.

But people need ways of visualising the change we are calling for before going deeper.

This is why we have thought through the tangible role transparency can play in helping communities to benefit from the wealth beneath their feet – and communicated this clearly.

As Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative Regional Director for Latin America, Francisco Paris states
“Disclosing payments and revenues from mineral exploitation is not a panacea for poverty and resource wealth mismanagement, but it is a necessary condition to tackle the malaise of squandering resources that should be benefiting all.”

Do simple truths work?

Our illustration is a simplified way of representing a complex problem, and of highlighting the change Tearfund’s Unearth the Truth campaign is calling for.

But does it resonate with you? Is it a useful tool to help your understanding or is it too simplistic? How would you do it differently? Please do leave your comments to let us know.


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