3 opportunities for the new Secretary of State


The appointment of a new Secretary of State Penny Mordaunt MP to lead DFID presents an opportunity to step up the fight against poverty. Here are three things we would love to see Penny Mordaunt do during her time at DFID:  

1. Act on Aid

The UK have a proud history of delivering quality aid to those in need around the world. It is vital that the UK continues to honour this legacy by maintaining our commitment to spend 0.7% of the UK’s income on international development. It is important that the focus of this spending remains on providing life saving assistance and empowering people to raise themselves out of poverty.

2. Challenge Climate Change

If we want to beat poverty and injustice, we need to tackle climate change. The changing climate means more extreme droughts and floods, and less reliable rain; all of which pushes people further into poverty. We want to see DFID step up the fight against climate change and turn their Paris Agreement promises into action. We want to see them invest more money into renewable energy for people in poverty, creating jobs at the same time as tackling climate change. 

3. Create a Circular Economy

One day your smartphone will probably be recycled by a teenager on a rubbish dump, perhaps in Ghana, with no safety equipment.  Shipments of electronic waste to poor countries are just one part of a huge and growing waste problem. Shifting to a circular economy where products are designed for safe repair and reuse rather than to be thrown away, can save lives at the same time as creating jobs for people living in poverty.  We want DFID to champion this agenda.

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